The most honest beach game

The most honest beach game

The other day, my friend and I were taking a walk through the Coney Island beach games when we arrived at one that the man told us was the most honest beach game.

There were ten dolls that you had to lay down throwing baseballs. The man said: “You have as many pitches as you want at a penny each and you can do them from as close as you want. Add the numbers of all the dolls that fall and when the figure reaches exactly 50, neither more nor less, you will win a cigar Maggie Cline of 25 cents with a gold band around. ”

We broke up before we could win and we saw that nobody was in the area smoking a cigar Maggie Cline.

Can you tell us how we could have scored exactly 50 points?


You can get exactly 50 points by knocking down the dolls marked with numbers 25, 6 and 19.