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Why do we get red when we are ashamed?

Why do we get red when we are ashamed?

Who has never felt ashamed of something he has done or said and has turned totally red like a tomato? However, although it is something that happens to all of us, few people know why it happens. Today, We tell you why we get red when we are ashamed.


  • 1 What is the reason we get red when we feel shame?
  • 2 How to react if we get red
  • 3 Working on self-esteem and safety will help you avoid it

What is the reason we get red when we feel shame?

Blushing in certain situations is very common. When it happens, in addition, if the people who are close realize, the effect is even worse. The person tends to get even redder when they realize that everyone perceives their nervousness.

This reaction is nothing more than a response from our body to a moment of tension. Appears automatically when our nervous system is activated. In this way, our body triggers a series of reactions that manifest in our cheeks giving it that color that shows that we are not comfortable.

That is, our nervous system when activated produces what is known as "an adrenaline shot". This makes blood vessels in the face dilate and the blood flow in a way that is not usual, causing the color red and a feeling of warmth in the person suffering from it at that time.

Precisely, that feeling is what usually makes the person even more nervous, since he perfectly perceives how nervousness is being noticed. This usually happens when, for example, a person is caught telling a lie, or when something happens that does not have social approval.

Taking it to the realm of nature, of which as we know we are part, it is an answer that is triggered as an escape mechanism when faced with a danger. And that shame we feel is perceived by our body precisely as that, as a danger.

How to react if we get red

The first thing to keep in mind if this happens to us in public is that it is the most human reaction that exists. In addition, in certain social contexts, usually produces sympathy before those who see us how we blush, so it can even become something beneficial for us.

It is, in a way, a humble way of discovering and communicating a sensation we are experiencing. For this reason, the best we can do if at any given time we get red is to admit it and, why not, put a dose of humor in the moment.

This is undoubtedly the best way to react to a time when this response is produced by our body, since we can hardly control it by being automatic that our body launches without us being able to filter or think.

Therefore, if you manage to take it with a good dose of humor, you will even gain in security when something like this happens to you. This is important, since when we get red it is usually, among other reasons, because we feel insecure before the person in front of us.

Working self-esteem and security will help you avoid it

Accepting ourselves, with our strengths and weaknesses, will make us feel more comfortable in our skin and, therefore, that we can also avoid this type of reactions from our body.

It is a work that obviously cannot be done overnight. Nevertheless, it is worth spending time thinking about it and to work in our security and self esteem, because thanks to this we will be able to avoid awkward situations such as getting red in public.

Beyond this long-term work, there is another reflection we can make to address this problem more immediately. In principle, we can analyze what kind of situation is what makes us get that way or with what specific people, if that is the case.

Once this aspect is detected, we will turn to think about why this happens. Usually in situations where we don't feel comfortable, and we must assess whether it is for lack of experience or for another reason, and how we can work on it to feel more comfortable.

The same happens when we get red before other people, either from our work environment or from the personal environment. This usually happens when we feel insecure about them, so we will have to do an in-depth job to avoid feeling unequal, especially at the mental level.

As you can see, getting red when you're ashamed is very normal, and you don't have to worry about it. We hope that this explanation that we have given you has helped you to get to know you a little better and, in this way, perhaps, your tendency to blush will be reduced a little when you are ashamed.