70 phrases of Alexander Pope

70 phrases of Alexander Pope

Alexander Pope (1688 - 1744) is a well-known English poet and writer from the period of English Augustus (18th century), known for his poems An essay on criticism (1711), The stolen curl (1712-14) his best known poem, The Denounced (1728) and Essay on a man (1733-34). He is the second most cited English writer after Shakespeare.

He is also well known for his translations of Homer's texts and his satirical poetry. The commercial success of his translations made Pope the first English poet to live solely on the benefits generated by his works.

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Famous quotes by Alexander Pope

Blessed is he who expects nothing, because he will never be disappointed.

To err is human, forgive, divine.

A little learning is a dangerous thing.

Love, free as the air, in view of human ties, spreads its light wings, and in a moment flies.

A man should never be ashamed to acknowledge that he has been wrong, which is nothing more than to say in other words that today he is wiser than he was yesterday.

There are no crystals of greater magnification than man's own eyes when they look at their own person.

What reason weaves, by passion, falls apart.

One truth is clear: what it is, is true.

Charms attract attention, but merit wins the soul.

Act well on your part, there is all the honor.

Fools rush where angels fear to tread.

Some people will never learn anything for the simple reason that they understand everything too soon.

The strength of the mind is exercise, not rest.

Reputation is an imaginary life in the lives of others, a thing outside of us before our death.

The most positive men are the most credulous.

Beauty attracts us with just one hair.

Words are like leaves; when they abound, there is little fruit among them.

The stories are more full of examples of faithful dogs than of faithful friends.

An excuse is worse and more terrible than a lie, because an excuse is a lie kept

Vice is a monster of a character so frightening as to be hated when seen; However, seen too often, familiar with his face, we first endure, then we feel sorry, then we hug.

Lovers dream, husbands are awakened.

The fool is glad to know nothing.

It often happens that these are the best people whose characters have been most harmed by the slanderers: as we generally find that it is the sweetest fruit that the birds have been looking for.

All nature is nothing but art, unknown to you.

The real ease in writing comes from art, not from chance, since it moves more easily when you have learned to dance.

All our knowledge is to know ourselves.

I would like people to believe something that I am sure they will not believe: that fame has mattered much less than I have dared to declare.

Many men have been able to do something wise, cunning, but very unselfish.

Do good your part. In that lies all honor.

The hungry judges sign sentences soon, and the unfortunates are hanged so jurors can have lunch.

It is enough to embroider a book with notes and observations to acquire the title of "man of letters".

Drink is the feast of reason and the flow of the soul.

True ingenuity is beautifully dressed Nature. What was thought many times, but never so well expressed.

When true merit is lacking, it is of no use to have been stimulated by the great, praised by the eminent and favored by the general public.

Overall, a bad author deserves better treatment than a bad critic.

Dream and death, two twins of winged race, of incomparable speed, but of silent rhythm.

To get angry is to avenge the failures of others on ourselves.

A match is crazy of many for the benefit of a few.

Vanity is for nature what painting is for beauty; Not only is it unnecessary, but it hurts what would improve.

What some call health, if you buy perpetual diet anxiety, is not much better than a tedious disease.

How happy is the fate of the innocent vestal? The world forgets and the world forgot. The eternal glow of the immaculate mind accepts all prayers and renounces all desires.

Fools admire, the sensible approve.

Amusements constitute the happiness of those who do not know how to think.

In the vast ocean of life we ​​sail in different ways, the reason is the letter, but the passion is the winds.

From what I have published, I can only hope to be forgiven; but for what I've burned, I deserve to be praised.

Do good for stealth and smile to find your fame.

In this everyday world, everyone is said to be romantic, to admire something good or do it.

In the shadow, far from daylight, melancholy sighs on the sad bed, the pain at his side, and the migraine on his head.

There are no crystals of greater magnification than man's own eyes when they look at their own person.

Oh peace! how many wars were fought in your name.

It is not so much to be free from faults that takes advantage of us, but to have overcome them.

Nature and its laws lay hidden in the darkness: God said Newton be! and everything lit up.

All are parts of a great whole, whose body is nature and God the soul.

He who serves a brother better draws closer to God than everyone else.

The town is a beast of multiple heads.

Men should be taught as if they were not taught. Unknown things should be proposed as forgotten things.

Passions are the gales of life.

He who tells a lie does not realize the work he undertakes, since he has to invent another thousand to sustain the first.

Wake up the soul with tender strokes of art, to elevate the genius and to amend the heart.

Die of nothing but the fury of living.

Man never thinks he is happy, except when he enjoys those things that others want or want.

Death, only death, can break the lasting chain; and there, until then, my cold dust will remain.

Teach me to feel the pain of others, to hide the guilt I see, the mercy I have for others and the mercy it shows me.

The most interesting study of man is man himself.

Who decides when doctors disagree?

The same thing happens with small-minded people as with narrow-necked bottles. The less it contains, the more noise they make when emptying them.

Gain wealth and position, if possible, with grace; but if not, win them anyway.

A party youth, an old age of letters.

A store in the head: always reading to never be read.