Did you know… ?

Did you know… ?

The best curiosities of Psychology

Studying for a group exam is more effective

… Because among the students a dynamic is established that facilitates knowledge to settle at a deeper level. An investigation by the University of Washington reveals that looking at the notes and then trying to explain the content to the other members, as well as the discussions that are established between the students, help to make the understanding greater That if you study alone.

Ambidextrous people remember their childhood better

According to the research of psychologist Stephen Christman, from the University of Toledo (USA). Christman suggests that people who use both hands have more interaction between the right and left hemispheres of their brains, which makes them have more reliable and accurate memories of the episodes of their lives, especially those of childhood.

A low-calorie diet could prevent Alzheimer's

According to a study by Mount Sinai School of Medicine (USA), the first that shows a relationship between nutrition and Alzheimer's. A calorie restriction of up to 30% and, especially carbohydrates, could even push back the symptoms, since it increases the levels of an enzyme (alpha secretase) that inhibits the production of beta-amyloid proteins, whose accumulation in the form of plaques gives rise to Alzheimer's.

Laughter and good humor help in the learning process

As different studies have shown, a class taught with a dose of good humor helps to reduce student anxiety, encourages participation of students and increases their interest in the subject. All in all, humor should be a complement to the class and not an element of distraction.

The brain develops before the skull

During the fetal stage the first thing that develops is the brain, then the skull is formed around it. There is almost no space between the brain and the skull when they form, so the skull develops grooves where the veins that supply the brain are found. Because of this, somehow, the brain leaves its "fingerprint" on our skull.

Listening to music reduces depression and chronic pain

According to an article published in the British Journal of Advanced Nursing, during research carried out in clinics in Ohio (USA), the patients who listened to music for an hour a day over a week experienced an improvement in the physical and psychological symptoms of their illnesses in comparison to the control group. The patients suffered from painful diseases, such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Anguish could be the sixth vital sign

Jimmie C. Holland, an American doctor specializing in cancer, maintains that mental well-being is a fundamental part of the general state of health. Therefore, he affirms that the level of anguish should be controlled in the reviews together with the other vital signs (pulse, breathing, temperature, blood pressure and pain) to offer adequate treatment to the sick.

Reading to babies enhances their language ability

According to a study by several American universities, Mothers who begin to read their babies from one year of age enhance the linguistic and cognitive abilities of their children. Mothers who read to their children from very early ages get their children to have a greater ability to understand language, a broader vocabulary and greater cognitive development at two years.

There are more and more happy singles with their lives

Being single is becoming a lifestyle, since people without a partner enjoy their independence to the fullest, they tend to build more social relationships and, in cities, they are increasingly a larger group. They affirm that the fact of not having a partner does not prevent them from living life to the fullest.