Couple therapy or individual therapy?

Couple therapy or individual therapy?

Couple therapy

The therapy is an encounter with oneself where, through a dialogue with a professional, they will find well-being in relationships, balance in activities, security and improvement of self-esteem.


  • 1 What is the purpose of the therapy?
  • 2 Objective of couples therapy
  • 3 Individual therapy

What is the purpose of the therapy?

The goal of therapy is for the person to internalize a series of skills that allow them to improve their quality of life and deal with conflicts that may arise in the future.

Many times there are personal crises in which you are not satisfied with some aspects of life; A very clear example: What happens when what does NOT make us happy is our relationship and we are the only part of the couple that recognizes that we have a problem?

It is important to be able to get involved with your own life and take responsibility for changing those aspects that you don't like. The changes take time, they are not magical.

If it has long since invaded an overwhelming and prolonged sense of helplessness, sadness, apathy, lack of illusion or feeling that life has no meaning. If the problems do not improve despite the efforts and help of family and friends. It can even be natural that constant feeling of nervousness or excessive worry; but it is among the possibilities to improve one's quality of life. Maybe the time has come to recognize that you just can't and it is necessary to ask for help and individual therapy may be the best alternative.

Objective of couple therapy

In the case of couple therapy, the main objective is that each of the members of the couple learn new skills that allow them to improve their relationship and feel better about himself. The relationship will improve when they learn to communicate correctly, to express their feelings (both positive and negative) and to discuss their problems in a positive and constructive way that helps them find solutions.

When is the time to go to couples therapy?

When a constant dissatisfaction in the sentimental life is perceived, either caused by the conflicts of couple or by external situations that affect the relationship, it can be very helpful for a therapist to analyze the situation and present new resources to try to face the problems.

Who is the couple therapy aimed at?

Partner therapy is aimed at those people who intend to improve their relationship, due to marital disagreements, dissatisfaction or communication difficulties, but also to those couples who have decided to separate or are processing their separation and want to perform it in the least conflictive and painful way possible or those people who want to form a couple and want to prevent possible problems in their relationship.

How to decide if what suits you is to consult a couple therapist or start an individual therapy?

Reasons to attend couples therapy:

  • When you lost confidence in your partner
  • When they have communication problems
  • When sex deteriorates
  • When each other's family becomes a problem
  • When children are the only priority
  • When the couple disqualifies making you feel inferior
  • When jealousy doesn't allow believing in the other
  • When the age difference begins to be a problem
  • When it is perceived that the couple moves the family away
  • When the couple is kind to all people except the other
  • When the past of either of them chases them and torments them
  • When for the first time they disrespected
  • When talking about sex is a taboo
  • When the apparent solution is to give yourself time
  • When the boundaries of the relationship were broken

Individual therapy

Reasons to attend individual therapy:

  • When the couple feels that more is given than what is received
  • When one of the members of the couple starts to get away from everyone because the other one demands a lot of time
  • When the body is not accepted as it is
  • When one of the members of the couple enters the email accounts, social networks and cell phone of the other or the children looking for answers
  • When it is scary to say the things that bother the couple, children or parents and the conflict is feared
  • When the parents were dominant or overprotective
  • When you feel you can't be yourself without a partner, alcohol or drugs
  • When mistreated or mistreated
  • When emotions are not controlled
  • When you can't communicate with the people you want
  • When sexual identity is in doubt
  • When infidelity is discovered
  • When they say things they later regret
  • When the greatest fear is abandonment
  • When jealousy does not allow you to lead a quiet life
  • When a personal loss occurred
  • When you had an absent or authoritarian parent

Therapy is a concrete possibility to learn to transform difficulties into resources.