Santa's toys

Santa's toys

(1) Thirty toys keep Santa's sack.
(2) Made by his elves Ameyal, Izel, Nahui, Nelli and Nicté.
(3) All manufactured more than one pair,
(4) although none made the same amount.
(5) One more toy built Nicté
(6) that the red and tinsel elf.
(7) But he made one less,
(8) than the one who made the sleds.
(9) Ameyal dealt with race cars,
(10) and Izel made five toys eagerly.
(11) The goblin who wore yellow,
(12) made trains for children.
(13) And he made a third of those of Nahui,
(14) the one with the green galana clothes.
(15) Orange was pretty Nelli,
(16) and another elf wore a blue suit.
(17) The one who made the tops,
(18) is the one who made the most toys of all.
(19) He took care of the balls with illusion
(20) the smiling and mocking pixie.
(21) Thirty toys keep Santa's sack
(22) for children with rattle laughter.
(23) With the data we give so fully,
(24) Guess the reader what each one did.


Each elf made at least three toys according to point 3.

From conditions 13 and 14 we know that one made three times more than another and three elves made consecutive amounts according to points 5 to 8. If we take into account that everyone did
different amounts as per line 4, there are only two possible combinations that add up to 30: 12, 6, 5, 4, 3 or 9, 7, 6, 5, 3.

With any of the two combinations, Nahui produced more than anyone according to lines 13 and 14 and it was she who made the tops as deduced from points 17 and 18. As she did not wear
green, according to point 13 and 14, neither red as 5 and 6, nor orange according to line 15, nor yellow as deduced from 11 and 12, had to be dressed in blue.

The two elves that made less toys must be the green one according to points 13 and 14 and the red one according to points 5 and 6. Therefore, the one who made less cannot be Nelli as deduced from the point
15, neither I dictated as we deduce from points 5 to 8, nor Izel according to line 10, therefore it was Ameyal and he also manufactured the cars as deduced from 9.

The elf who made more toys after the first one was not Izel as deduced from 10 or Nicte as we deduced from points 5 to 8, so it was Nelli. And Nelli wore orange just like
Pray line 15.

Since the two that did the least were green and red, the yellow one must have been the third in production and the trains according to points 11 and 12.

We know that the sled is not the penultimate according to 7 and 8, therefore, Nelli made the sleds, Nicte wears yellow, and the penultimate red according to points 5 to 8.

By elimination, Ameyal is dressed in green and Izel, who wears a red suit, made the balls. The quantities of toys have to be: 9, 7, 6, 5 and 3. So in summary:

Nahui wore blue and made 9 tops.
Nelli Iba orange and made 7 sleds.
I was dressed in yellow and made 6 trains.
Izel, of red made 5 balls.
Ameyal wore green and built 3 cars.

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