Shirts and cats

Shirts and cats

Pedro and Laura are at the exit of the school. Laura tells Pedro:

-What beautiful shirt you wear, Pedro!

"Well, look," he replies, "all the shirts I have are white except two; all are blue minus two and all striped minus two. Let's see if you know how many shirts I have of each class?

- Well, you must have ... But let's see if you, Pedro, guess how many cats I have at home. Look, in a square room I have one in each corner, each cat has another on each side, and each one has another in front. How many cats do I have?

- Gee, Laura! This is more difficult than the problem of shirts!

Let's see if you can solve the problems.


Pedro has 3 shirts, one of each class; One white, one blue and one striped. That is, all striped minus two, the white and the blue. All blue except two, white and striped. All white except two, the blue and the striped.

Laura has 4 cats.